operator wózka przed egzminem UDT w DBW

Przyszłe Wyzwanie i Sukces! Egzamin UDT dla Operatorów Wózków Podnośnikowych w DBW Polska w Górzykowie - 19 października 2023 r.

19 października 2023 odbędzie się egzamin UDT na operatorów wózków podnośnikowych dla pracowników z firmy DBW Polska w Górzykowie koło Zielonej Góry.

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Safety is priceless

During mobile elevating work platform operator training, we devote a lot of time to the topic of safety.

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How important are UDT licenses?

We receive inquiries about courses for the operation of mobile elevating work platforms, lift trucks, or overhead cranes almost every day. The most frequently asked questions about the price and date of training.


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Who can operate a stacker truck?

Today, another group of our students completed a course for stacker truck operators. To operate this type of truck, UDT licenses are not required because stacker trucks are constructed in such a way that they can only lift cargo to a maximum height of 30 cm.

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Two minutes of life

Hypoxia is a common cause of brain death, it can happen as a result of drowning, a heart attack, or a stroke. If doctors fail to restore blood circulation quickly enough, brain damage occurs.

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