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A fire hazard is one of the most serious problems in any facility where people are present or materials are stored. Fire prevention involves a number of activities. Many of them concern securing and equipping the facility with appropriate technical measures needed in the event of a fire or other threat (e.g., facility marking, water supply, efficiency of hydrants, fire extinguishers, etc.).

Ensuring proper fire prevention measures in the workplace is the responsibility of the owner, manager, and user. We offer our services to help you meet these obligations.

Services for companies in the field of fire prevention can take a comprehensive form, either in the form of fire supervision or by an inspector or specialist in the field of fire prevention.


We will:

  • ensure the proper compliance with fire regulations in the facility,
  • ensure that fire-fighting devices in the facility are in proper readiness,
  • represent the owner of the facility before the relevant state authorities,
  • provide consulting in the field of fire prevention.

Services for companies in the field of fire prevention can also take the form of a single order, for example: the development of fire prevention instructions or a fire audit. Our offer also includes conducting exercises in the evacuation of facilities and firefighting training. A full range of our services can be found on the following subpages.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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