lectricity is necessary for the operation of most machines and devices, as well as for lighting halls or operating alarm systems. Its proper operation is crucial not only for the functioning of the powered object or device, but also for the safety of property and people. We offer our services in the fields of commercial electrical testing and lux light level testing.

We conduct testing for:

  • electrical installations, machines, and electrical devices, post-assembly,
  • insulation resistance and electrical devices,
  • effectiveness of anti-shock protection measures,
  • grounding resistance,
  • protective devices for lifting devices (e.g., cranes, overhead cranes, lifts, etc.).

pomiar elektryczne

When is an electrical installation inspection carried out?

During the assembly of electrical installations in new buildings or after renovation, there are two types of electrical installation tests: a commissioning test and periodic tests. The frequency of these tests depends on the applicable law. Conducting tests is aimed at detecting defects and failures in the installation so that its use does not threaten the safety of people, animals, or property located in its vicinity. Appropriate authorizations are necessary to conduct tests; they can be performed by those with professional qualifications. After an inspection, a report is issued.

Why use our electrical testing services

We have the experience and the appropriate tools to conduct measurement tests. The decision to order tests is most often caused by legal requirements, but it is justified. Conducting regular inspections of installations or devices used during operation is primarily to ensure safety. It allows you to avoid liability for technical failures in the event of failures or accidents. It guarantees the creation of appropriate working conditions for devices, which affects their lifespan.