Courses and training in Russian

"I know that I know nothing."

This phrase was said by the famous Greek philosopher Socrates. Its wisdom and truthfulness, at the same time, have made it survive to our time. Socrates believed that knowledge was the greatest and most valuable virtue. Over time, it turned out that skills were just as important. Without them, we are often helpless. It would seem that school should fill that gap. Unfortunately, that's not often the case.


License or skills?



Without a certificate that provides us with training for a UDT license, it is impossible to operate many machines, devices, and vehicles today, such as lift trucks or cargo lifts. Without a license, you cannot repair or replace electrical installations or be a welder. Knowledge and licenses are also required from foreigners who are looking for a job in Poland. An opportunity for them to acquire both is through training courses held in Russian. But a license isn’t everything. Equally important are skills such as managing people, on-the-job training, providing first aid, or those taught in health and safety training courses. We can't learn skills from books.

We join the two together. With us, you can gain a solid theoretical foundation and deepen it during practical exercises. This is how our trainees achieve what they need for success. For those interested, we also organize training courses in Russian.

Training courses offered in Russian and Ukrainian

We educate qualified staff regardless of nationality, which is why we offer courses and training in Russian, Ukrainian, and even Croatian. These classes are intended for people who want to gain the necessary skills and certificates to work in Poland. We always pass on knowledge reliably, in such a way that people completing our courses are fully prepared to take up work within the framework of their acquired skills.

Courses in Russian and Ukrainian is also an offer addressed to employers who employ foreigners. For safety in the workplace, it is very important that employees thoroughly understand the information concerning occupational health and safety or the rules for operating specific equipment. During training, technical and legal issues are discussed, the understanding of which may be difficult even for people communicating in Polish at an intermediate level. To avoid this, choose Russian-language training for your employees.

Advantages of possessing a license

Participation in courses and training is necessary to develop skills and acquire new knowledge. First of all, it can help inexperienced people become competitive on the labor market and get their dream job faster. People who want to retrain may also find our courses interesting. Acquiring new qualifications not only gives satisfaction and increases experience, but above all has a positive impact on your salary, allows you to find a new well-paying job, or is a great talking point when discussing a raise.

It takes so little to spread your wings! It is worth betting on your development. It won't be time wasted.

Recipe for success: you need to combine theory with practice! With which we have great experience.