stanowisko hakowego

What should you know about the rigger course?

The rigger course can be completed by people over 18 years of age and employees who are responsible for operating lifting equipment in the workplace. During the course, you can acquire knowledge about the techniques of proper suspension and movement of cargo. To obtain a rigger license, you must pass an exam before the UDT qualification commission. After obtaining a positive result on the exam, the trainees receive a professional certificate.

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Hakowy sygnalista

What license must a rigger and signal person have?

A signal person is vital on every major construction site. However, we must bear in mind what the nature of the work of a person in such a position is and what requirements they must meet. Is it enough to complete the appropriate course, or are other special qualifications required? What do you need to know about this profession and how to prepare for it?

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What does a forklift operator course look like?

The ability to operate forklifts and the appropriate license mean that you can significantly increase your attractiveness on the labor market. They are used in many different industries, including large warehouses, ports, and small enterprises. What is a forklift operator course, and how do I prepare for it in advance?

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How much do UDT courses cost?

There is no such technical device that is not subject to inspection. Individual solutions must be controlled in order to prevent failures that could have a destructive impact on many areas. Therefore, it is not enough to have a person who will manufacture new devices and maintain old ones. There must be someone else who will take care of the technical inspection. In order to develop the skills needed to perform such a task, the so-called UDT courses were created.

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mężczyzna w hali

How to implement an occupational health and safety management system

Compliance with strict health and safety rules is easier if a management system is properly implemented in your company. However, such implementation is not easy, and in order to be able to carry it out, a number of steps must be taken. Here are those which are most important?

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What licenses must an operator of hoisting and material handling equipment have?

Operation of hoisting and material handling equipment, including overhead traveling cranes, mobile cranes, construction cranes, mobile elevating work platforms, and forklifts, requires passing an examination by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). In order to acquire the appropriate knowledge, it is advisable to undergo professional training conducted by practitioners. Training for UDT licenses allows you to gain knowledge and skills in the safe operation of a given device. These elements are assessed during the UDT exam. AVIS prepares students for such an exam. During the training, we put great emphasis on the issue of safety, and combine theory with practice. As a result, we achieve a pass rate of over 95% and very high participant satisfaction.

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wózek widłowy i mężczyzna

What licenses are acquired during a UDT course?

The Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) is a state institution whose activities focus on ensuring the safety of technical devices such as forklifts, platforms, overhead cranes, etc. A very important function of UDT is the certification of management systems, people, and products. It is this institution that conducts qualifying exams and grants UDT licenses. However, in order to gain the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge in this field, it is necessary to complete a UDT course.

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kobieta w kasku

How is initial health and safety training conducted?

Initial health and safety training applies to every employee, regardless of seniority or position held. It cannot be "avoided". Today we will try to answer the questions regarding this type of training, including: how long does it take or does it require special preparation from the employee?

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kobieta i notatki

Do you manage a group of employees? Check the required health and safety qualifications.

Regular participation in health and safety training is extremely important for all employees, regardless of the level of their position or the scope of their duties. They are aimed at familiarizing or reminding people of the principles of occupational health and safety at the occupied workplace and the principles of first aid. Such knowledge is especially important for people who manage a group of employees because they are responsible for the team. Which health and safety qualifications are required to manage a group of employees?

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What is periodic health and safety training?

According to the Labor Code, every employer is obliged to provide their employees with safe and hygienic working conditions. This also includes the need to train employees on health and safety rules. It is worth remembering, however, that the information provided during the introductory training, without proper updating, will quickly be forgotten. That is why the initial OHS training of every employee starting work in a new place must never be the only training they receive.

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